Messi is the world’s first gold ball

European five league titles all announced, and now fans are most concerned about is the Champions League final. Barcelona defender Pique in an interview with the Italian media for (visit Cheap FIFA 18 Coins) Juventus how to beat Real Madrid, and that the door of God Feng Feng worthy of a Golden Globe. Talking about the Champions League final, Pique said: “This will be the contest between the two great teams, Juventus performance over the past few years has been very good, they have such a great player like Buffon, Buffon eager to get their first A Champions League trophy, and Juventus and my former teammate Alves, if you can see him again won the Champions League, it would be great.

Pique predicted that the final goal will not be a lot, but also to Juventus how to beat Real Madrid: “We Barcelona before the control of the players, and then in the restricted area to prevent Real Madrid’s attack. Juventus defense is very strong, we Champions League this year It was proved that Chih Lenny, Bonucci and Balzar were very clever both.

For this year’s Golden Globe competition, Pique said: “Messi is the world’s best and best player in history, he will get the Golden Boot this year, completely worthy of a gold ball award. Golden Globe is also great, he led Juventus to get Serie A and the Italian Cup champion, and now the Champions League also hope to Buffon his career performance, he deserves a Golden Globe Award.

Will Pick Pick play Serie A in the future? He said: “I am very happy in Barcelona, ​​I plan to retire in the Nou Camp and I also like Italian football, but I hope to continue for the effectiveness of Barcelona, ​​Barcelona can not find the reason to leave.