Zhou Qi pairs of pairs of rookie

NBA summer league tomorrow will continue, July 15 will be a total of eight games for the competition. Which the Chinese players Zhou Qi played the rocket and will have a great big inside the rookie Collins’s eagle grips. The king will be in the limelight of the Fox under the leadership of the sun and young players to confront. Eagles and rockets are 2 wins and 2 losses before, but compared to the summer league game win Buy NBA Live Mobile Coins, we are still more concerned about Zhou Qi in the game performance. Eagle team rookie inside Corinth in the last four games is extremely popular, averaging data break two pairs. Compared to Zhou Qi, Corinth’s height, although at a disadvantage, but the excellent athletic ability to make up for this deficiency.

Wizards in the draft on nothing, so the summer league for them is entirely about those rookie rookie game. In the last four games, the Wizards did not win. The Timberwolves rookie Barton also because of surgery and absent, so the game between the two teams is basically a walkout. Although the Jazz had four full-blown, but they selected the season rookie Mitchell has repeatedly amazing performance. Jazz overtime in the previous game lost to the Grizzlies, Mitchell got 37 points 8 steals, scared four. The Bucks array last season’s rookie Merkel, this year’s first round show Wilson also often have good performance. The two teams are the underdog division, who can win the final look at the key players to play. Clippers rookie defender Sang Weier has a good scoring ability, but from the summer league performance is not stable enough. In the Clippers beat the jazz game, Sandville audience 5 vote 1, just get 4 points. While the Warriors of Jordan – Bell has become the team summer league’s biggest discovery. Even the coach Cole praised Bell: “He is the player for the championship team, he can become our next season favorable protection.” Bell’s defensive ability and rebounding ability, just make up for the lack of warriors in this area, Perhaps, now we are concerned about Jordan – Bell, and soon after it will become another Raymond – Green. https://www.lolga.com/nba-live-mobile/nba-live-mobile-coins